Universal Studios Japan

Universal Studio Japan was such a fun experience. We spent the whole day there, going on all the big rides!

IMG_8028First we went on the Hollywood Dream ride, which is a traditional roller coaster, the drop of which is the first thing you see and hear when entering the USJ. It’s a really fun ride and you get five options for songs you want to listen during the ride.  If you want to, you can do the Hollywood Backdrop, which is the same roller coaster, but going backwards. I refused to go backwards…

Next up was the Attack of the Titans, which was a 4D Japanese anime movie. I really don’t recommend going to the movies, because they are all in Japanese with no subtitles. I got pretty lost in the storyline, but if you like anime, then you will enjoy it even without the subtitles.

The Spiderman ride was one of my favorites! A big part of this ride is the virtual reality it is set in. The 3D effects worked so well with the roller coaster leading to several surprises, that I don’t want to spoil for you!

The Terminator was a really cool show, but again, only in Japanese. Since I’ve seen the movie, I understood generally what was happening, but if you don’t know the story then you will probably be a little lost. However, there were some really cool effects, that you will enjoy even if you don’t know the story.IMG_8026

Wonderland/Snoopy Land is great for kids. However, for a 21 year old there wasn’t much to do, so while my brothers went on their first ride completely alone, I enjoyed a cup of coffee and sitting on a solid and static bench.

The Steakhouse we went to for lunch was a really nice place, with good wine, steak and salmon. I definitely recommend it, just don’t eat too much if you get nauseous on rides!

Our last stop was by far my favorite: Harry Potter World. Being able to walk through Hogsmeade and see Hogwarts and the Hogwarts Express was like a dream come true for me! The Forbidden Journey ride was amazing, although I don’t want to spoil any of it for you, but definitely go if you get the chance!

IMG_8103That concludes my trip to Universal Studios Japan! The biggest problem with USJ is that it is very difficult for foreigners to get tickets and free passes online, because everything is in Japanese and then to communicate in the park. Of course the workers try very hard, but communication isn’t what it really should be, I personally wish even the rides were a little more foreigner friendly. Other than that, it is a lot of fun!

Final TIP: Get express passes! USJ gets crowded, especially when the weather is nice, so skip the wait by getting passes!

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