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    Los Angeles: Three month adventure!

    The next couple of months I will be exploring Los Angeles as I finish up my last semester of college. I’m excited to experience a new city that I have never been to before and I want to document and share what I find! I will continue to update this article, with new places to see, where to eat, photos and more information on LA! My first week in LA has actually been very rainy, which no one prepared me for. To be fair, no one here actually seems prepared either. So, a TIP for anyone coming to LA, it is very possible that January will be cold and rainy.…

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    Universal Studios Japan

    Universal Studio Japan was such a fun experience. We spent the whole day there, going on all the big rides! First we went on the Hollywood Dream ride, which is a traditional roller coaster, the drop of which is the first thing you see and hear when entering the USJ. It’s a really fun ride and you get five options for songs you want to listen during the ride.  If you want to, you can do the Hollywood Backdrop, which is the same roller coaster, but going backwards. I refused to go backwards… Next up was the Attack of the Titans, which was a 4D Japanese anime movie. I really don’t…

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    Some people might think that I’m a little crazy for traveling halfway across the world for one week. And maybe I am, but it was so worth the 58 hours spent on an airplane. I absolutely loved Japan. The Kansai region of Japan is absolutely beautiful. During my stay in Kobe, I visited several places around the city, like the Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, Kyoto, the Himeji castle and other places. Here is a short description of my experiences from each place, but click through each location to learn more! Universal Studios Japan This was the first place I visited in Japan. That might seem a little odd, but…