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    Katsuo-ji: a place to make a wish

    In April when we went to Japan, we managed to go to the Katsuo-ji temple, a place we have never visited before. It’s quite hard to get to by public transportation, but we were lucky enough to get a ride up to the mountain. As we were approaching, we got excited because it looked like we would finally see some blooming Sakura trees. Until then we were quite unlucky, missing the full bloom by just a few days. The trees added to the already amazing view. Katsuo-ji Temple is unique mostly because of the tiny Daruma dolls that people leave behind for good fortune. The place is filled with these…

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    London Video Tour

    In September we went to London for the weekend. We managed to do quite a lot in three days and walked through many of the touristy places. It was fun, even though our feet were in lots and lots of pain by the end of the trip. Here’s a short video of just a few of the places we managed to see. To find out more about what we did, read our London article and here are some more photos!

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    Three days in London

    About a month ago we went to London for a weekend. And because we like to keep ourselves busy, we came up with an insane plane for the three days there. We brought our aunt, who has never been there, so naturally, we had to plan on doing all sorts of touristy things that we haven’t done in years. This was actually quite amazing because we haven’t seen some of these places in forever since we’ve avoided these “tourist traps”.   We flew in early Saturday morning, which meant the whole day was free and we took complete advantage of it. After taking the bus from Stansted airport to Victoria…

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    Tokyo adventures: Disneyland

    While we were in Tokyo, we couldn’t resist spending a day at Tokyo Disneyland. We just can’t resist a good theme park. Our bodies had given up on any sense of time, so waking up early to make our way through Tokyo rush hour traffic (wouldn’t recommend it to my worst enemy) and make it to Disney for opening time. Getting there: The trip there is easy – we took the Keiyo line from Tokyo station to the Maihama stop. You can see the part from the train and it’s a quick 10 minute walk from the station. We didn’t have our tickets ahead of time, so we first had…

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    Travel Tips: Japan

    This October, we were lucky enough to go to Japan again. And this time, we went together. So, we’ve compiled a list of tips for you, if you’re planning a trip to Japan. Always have cash on you. Foreign currency ATMs are hard to come by and you’re never sure a vendor will accept your debit card. Download Google Translate (and Japanese) before you go. It’ll be a lifesaver. If your hotel or Airbnb offer pocket wifi, go for it! And bring an external battery to recharge. Wifi hotspots are almost as hard to find as foreign currency ATMs. Get a JR pass. They’re flexible and will let you take…