South Africa: Sixth and last trip

The last time I went to South Africa was, yet again, a more relaxing trip. We didn’t feel like we needed to go to new countries or cities, we just needed to relax and warm up, especially in the midst of the worst, record-breaking winter in Boston.

This trip we focused on good food and some local museums, but mostly food. We went to some great restaurants and we even went to a bar one night. I definitely did not mind spending my last trip to Johannesburg soaking up the sun, drinking wine and eating delicious food!

DSC_9189   Since we were in Africa, we did go on a shorter safari to Pilanesberg again. It wouldn’t be a trip to Africa without visiting at least one national park. We had a slight adrenaline rush when we stopped by a really nervous rhino. It wouldn’t take its eyes off of us and when we tried to leave, the rhino looked like it was going to run at us. The situation didn’t improve when another car zoomed by, making the rhino feel even more threatened. We took our time and left slowly. So, just a tip for you guys, be careful when driving through a park, these animals can be nervous and territorial. Don’t drive too fast and don’t do anything that might anger the animals, they are strong and some are much bigger than you are. Other than that, enjoy and keep your eyes out, the animals might be just a couple of meters away from you, hiding in the bush.DSC_9519

On the occasion of visiting Pilanesberg we also went to Sun City, which we have never been to before. This is truly something I have never seen before. It was a huge resort that offers all sorts of activities. Literally you can do anything from ziplining to elephant rides. There you can also walk through a maze that lets you out at a bar, now there is motivation to get through! At the beginning of the maze you could either go left or right. There were four of us, so naturally we broke off and decided to race. Sadly, Alena and I lost.


At Sun City we also went to an African dance performance as well as a “get to know” African tribe huts. There we saw how different tribes dress, how they live and what some of their traditions are. We even got to try on some of the traditional clothes and we were kind of forced to try to dance. Our “teacher” also tried to teach us some phrases from the different languages, but he was quite unsuccessful.

We ended the trip with the traditional trip to the Lion Park and cuddled with some cubs, fed a giraffe and even tried running away from some vicious looking ostriches, exactly the way a trip to the Lion Park should be. Just keep in mind, when going through the different enclosures for the lions, don’t lean out of the car! Those lions are sneaky and they might appear right behind you, without you even noticing.DSC_9827

South Africa is an amazing place to visit! I recommend it to anyone. Some people are afraid to go there, because it is not safe. You have to be careful in South Africa, there are definitely times when you feel uncomfortable and you do get worried. You have to use common sense, don’t go to places where you don’t feel safe. South Africa is beautiful and it is definitely worth visiting! I have been there six times and I would still go back and there would still be hundreds of things for me to see!


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