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    How to spend time in London without spending all your money

    Early in June, Pav and I decided to go to London for our high school reunion. And since London can be fairly expensive, we wanted to be as smart about spending it (and to still be able to shop). Considering our trip was planned fairly last minute, we managed to get great deal on both flight and hotel. So, how did we do it all? The flight Here, we decided to look for the best deal that was available. Two weeks before the trip, this meant Ryan Air. For the same price we could have ticket with other airlines, we had two with Ryan Air. Their flight times were convenient…

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    Festival survival tips

    Festivals are cool. Who doesn’t love seeing three days’ worth of music for the price of less than one concert? This year, I felt like I might be a bit too old for a three day festival that opens up the season in the Czech Republic (and is mostly attended by teenagers), but Pav convinced me. And I didn’t regret it. Pav and I started going last year. So, if you’re not fifteen and no longer think the lack of plumbing romantic, and you want to survive these things with a little sanity, follow our tips. If you’re staying in a tent, pay extra for the VIP area. Its cleaner…

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    9 Tips for Train Travel in the Summer

      Everyone loves travelling by train. It’s easy, cheap and you don’t need a designated driver. Here are a couple of tips to make your travels even better, whether you travel alone or with your friends. DRINKS! – Always have enough drinks with you! You never know when the train will stop in the middle of nowhere, s o you have to hydrate the whole time. Entertainment – Whether your side is short or several hours long, make sure you bring magazines, a book or anything else that will make your journey more fun and distract you from the blistering heat. Get a seat! – Some train companies charge extra for a designated seat.…