How we flew with Ryan Air

Our trip to London with Ryan Air was quite entertaining. True, we probably found it more interesting because of the coffee/sugar high, but even now, looking back, I laugh at the thought of the Ryan Air employee and their wonderful safety cards. We’ve done low cost airlines before, but this was our first trip with RyanAir. And we were not disappointed.

The journey started normally enough, we went through passport control and security checks to our gate, where we waited. After quite some time, two buses arrived and took us to the airplane. Like I said, everything was normal. Once I got used to the fact that there is no seat pocket in front of me, things were good. They actually started looking up when we had the three seats all to ourselves.

The first sign that things were, let’s say, a little different was the grin on the flight attendant’s face as he tried not to crack up during the safety briefing. I understand that after doing the briefing so many times, the seriousness of it might not be so clear. And I know that I shouldn’t judge since I haven’t actually paid attention to this procedure in years, but is it appropriate to laugh while showing where the emergency exits are? Probably not, but like I said, who am I to judge?

When everyone finally buckled their seat belts and cross check was completed, we took off.
Only once we were in the air did we notice the one of a kind safety card on the seat in front of us. Since pictures are worth a thousand words, here are the pictures we took of the card:

                                                 pic5 pic3

Since this was a low-fare trip, you had to buy the food. When you buy cheap tickets and it’s a short flight, you usually don’t get food. But what struck us as a little strange was that they went around twice. First the flight attendant asked if we want food and the second time he asked if we want “fresh food”. Suddenly, we had serious doubts about they food they offered from the first cart.

Overall the journey was quite enjoyable. The service was pretty good and once the caffeine dissipated a little, we even stopped thinking everything around us was so strange. It was a smooth ride across the board and if you’re looking for cheap tickets to London, Ryan Air is definitely a great option.

If you want to know how the rest of our trip went, come back later this week!


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Festival survival tips

Festival survival tips

Festivals are cool. Who doesn’t love seeing three days’ worth of music for the price of less than one concert? This year, I felt like I might be a bit too old for a three day festival that opens up the season in the Czech Republic (and is mostly attended by teenagers), but Pav convinced me. And I didn’t regret it.

Pav and I started going last year. So, if you’re not fifteen and no longer think the lack of plumbing romantic, and you want to survive these things with a little sanity, follow our tips.

  1. If you’re staying in a tent, pay extra for the VIP area. Its cleaner (no trash waiting for you as you crawl out of your tent in the morning) and chances of survival are much higher – less people means smaller chance of your skull being bashed in by a random passerby who loses his balance and falls on your tent.
  2. Be nice to your tent neighbors. You don’t want to come back at 3am to find your tent in a pile on the grass. Offer them a shot right off the bat to cultivate good relationships. When the time comes for one of them to throw up, they will be more inclined to lean the other way.
  3. Whether you’re sleeping there or not – antibacterial gel. Toilets, grass, railings…who knows what you’re going to touch. And let’s face it – best festival food is eaten by hand. This leads me to…
  4. Don’t forget to eat. It might be fried and it’s definitely far from your normal healthy food lifestyle, but let’s face it – if you’re drinking there, you want to eat.
  5. Water, water, water….do I really need to elaborate?
  6. Go to bands you don’t know or aren’t really interested in. Worst case scenario, you’ll walk away. You might also find new music you like OR you might catch the interprets attention since you will causally be standing there fairly indifferent to what’s going on onstage which will make him try to catch your attention (true story).
  7. Have fun. Dance. Because when else can you let go than in an open field in the middle of the summer with some of your favorite bands playing?
  8. Packing list: antibacterial gel, hairbrush, water, warm socks and enough hair ties. What duct tape is to some, hair ties are to others. I recommend bringing a bunch. And tissues, there can never be enough tissues. Don’t forget to check out the weather forecast to see if you need a bikini top or rain boots. Or both :)

So, send this article to your friends and check out what festivals are coming up. You might even have unexpected fun :)


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