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    It’s Halloween weekend! A pretty exciting time of the year if you are either a child or a college student. Halloween, as we know it today and as seen in pop culture, is something that used to be celebrated mostly in the US, but the holiday has started to make its way abroad. Here’s some background on the holiday. All Hallow’s Eve is celebrated on October 31st, and it is the day of the dead. Lots of cultures have a variation of this, in the Czech Republic it’s Dušičky, celebrated in November, or in Mexico there’s Dia del Muertos, it is a holiday during which you remember the dead. It…

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    Apple Picking

    It’s the beginning of fall, which in America means it’s prime time for apple picking and other fun fall activities! I’ve never been apple picking and I was told I was definitely missing out on lots of fun. So, on the first fall weekend, we got up bright and early (about 6am) and headed to The Big Apple farm in Wrentham, Massachusetts. It was beautiful weather! It was chilly enough so that you could wear a cute plaid outfit (which we all did, of course), but it was also sunny and the orchard just looked gorgeous. We got to the farm a little before 10 and already there were lots…

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    Fall in Boston

    Boston is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the fall. If you time it right. It lasts only about a week there, other than that it is mostly rainy and cold. But that one week is worth a visit, because everything is colorful and magical. That one week is usually mid October. There is a ton to do around Boston in the fall too, since most universities are back in session, there are also a lot of great deals you should take advantage of.   The Boston Common and the Public gardens completely change in the fall. Everything changes from vibrant green to gold and red. Just…