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San Diego Road Trip

One weekend we decided to drive from Los Angeles, down to San Diego. Usually the drive about two hours long, making it the perfect day trip. The city is beautiful and it is a lot of fun to just walk around.

DSC_6171The ride down took a little longer than expected. We hit a couple of car accidents along the way, so it took us more than three hours to drive down. Except for a foggy/smoggy part of the highway, the drive was really nice, right along the coastline. On a warm, pretty day, it must be even more gorgeous.

By the time we got to San Diego, we were starving, so we popped into Las Hadas, for a quick lunch. I definitely recommend this place for lunch and sit outside if the weather is nice! We got carne asada fries, which were fantastic! It made a good appetizer when we shared it between three people. For the main meal, I got enchiladas, which I also recommend!

After lunch we walked around, down to the marina and around the convention center. I have always wanted to go to Comic Con in San Diego, so even being near the convention center felt awesome :). The marina is beautiful, with a little seaside village, that has different stores and places to eat.


We also walked around the Gaslamp Quarter, which is beautiful! It is a cute little area, with lots of stores, restaurants and pubs. Definitely spend your time walking around and pop into one of these places to eat! Get Mexican food, if you like it, you will not regret it!


Originally we planned to go to Mission Beach for the sunset, but when we got there, it was so smoggy that we did not want to even get out of the car. I am sure it is a beautiful area, with the aquarium and a theme park, but we were disappointed by the amount of smog. We even tried driving further up north to get away from the grossness, but without luck. We didn’t see the sunset, but it was already dark anyway. It is a really nice area and I would love to explore it on a day when the smog is not so heavy. There are lots of restaurants along the coast and nice houses. If I get the chance, I will go back and explore a little more.

We went back to San Diego to see the zoo, it was a great trip so check back in for another article!

That is all I have for you about San Diego, for now, check it out the city and spend a little more time exploring it! 


Our ski-less winter holiday in Avoriaz

Los Angeles -> San Francisco Road Trip


San Francisco in less than 3 Days

A couple of weeks ago we went on short (2.5 day) trip to San Francisco and yes, we did a lot of touristy things! It was our first time on the West Coast, so we took advantage of the nice weather and explored some of the main sights.


IMG_6259Friday night we walked from our hotel, which, amazingly enough, was right by Union Square, to the Fisherman’s Wharf. It was about a thirty minute walk, half up an excruciating hill and the second half of it down. The directions weren’t complicated, literally we just had to walk straight. So that wasn’t an issue, we only got a little doubtful when we got into a very sketchy looking Chinatown. But we made it through and were rewarded with a really good fresh crab and a octopus-calamari salad when we got to the Wharf.


For dinner we took an Uber to a small restaurant, that the receptionist at our hotel recommended to us, called Pacific Catch. I got an amazing salmon filet with really good sweet potato fries! We were all so happy after that meal, but exhausted! We ended the day and headed back to the hotel. Since we were all jet lagged, all coming for the trip from very different time zones, we ended up going to sleep at about 9pm, so much for being a crazy college student, am I right?


The next day we went for brunch and I love brunch food, so I was very excited to get good brunch and not just food at my dining hall. We searched around on Yelp! for something that was nearby and lucked out when we came across Honey Honey Cafe and Crepery. We randomly picked it out, because it was close by, but we were blown away with the quality and amount of food we got. It turned out to be a cute little cafe with a really long line. However, we didn’t wait too long and we managed to get a table right away. I definitely recommend this cafe! It is a must! Just make sure you get there at a good time, because I’m sure the place gets even more crowded.


Next, came an activity Alena and I feared a little. Ok, that’s a lie, we very afraid of it: biking across the Golden Gate Bridge. We were up for the challenge, but it was definitely going to be a struggle, since neither of us has gone biking in about 10 years. However, I am quite stubborn, so, with words that I was afraid were going to be my last, I declared CHALLENGE ACCEPTED and got on my bike.


We rented bikes from Blazing Saddles, I questioned the name of it, but kept my doubts to myself. My favorite, however, was their short video we had to watch before renting the bikes. This amazing and not at all cheesy video gave us an overview of our tour and sights “we definitely cannot miss”. The very excited woman told us not to forget to turn right onto the bridge, which shocked us all, and told us to “just enjoy the view” as we rode across it. Meanwhile the woman at the counter got very sassy about it, clearly annoyed at having to watch the same video over and over.


We weren’t sure what to expect of the actual bike ride, but we loved this trip! The weather was amazing and the view was priceless and as the video recommended, we “just enjoyed the view”! After a while we even got used to dodging families on the sidewalk (we never got used to cars, but that’s ok, we survived)! The journey was about 15 kilometers (9.3 miles) long and took us 4 hours, which I definitely count as a huge success! We managed to get to Sausalito, where we took a ferry back to the ferry building. And we even navigated the busy streets of San Francisco and got back to Fisherman’s Wharf without getting hit by a car!


TIP: Bring enough water! It’s a long journey and you definitely need to keep hydrated


That night we deserved a nice big meal in a great restaurant, the name of which was forgotten after three glasses of wine. Our dad’s friend order basically EVERYTHING on the menu and we ate almost all of it. And just like the night before, we passed out after our long day.


On our last day we went the Cliff house and went for a walk/hike along the coast. Finally, we saw the Golden Gate Bridge from all possible angles and took hundreds and hundreds of photos of it, and I felt complete :D. I could leave San Francisco knowing I took more than enough photos, about 400.

We ended our trip with The Cheesecake Factory, so yet again, another big meal. Our trip was so much fun and even though we didn’t manage to see everything we wanted to, we call it a success! We will definitely go back to see more sights and especially tour Full House filming sights!


Dubai: first impression

Three Days in Munich

Three Days in Munich

Last summer I went with my friend to Munich for the first time. Since I never traveled to Germany, I didn’t quite know what to expect, but I was excited. It was a fun experience filled with beautiful, fairytale-like castles, walking tours and even naps :)


We only went for three days, so we decided to take a night bus from Prague. This meant that we got to Munich at 4:30am, which would not have been an issue, except for the fact that the metro doesn’t open until 5am. So we ended up waiting for thirty minutes on a bench, trying not to freeze. I wish I could say that is where our difficulties with the metro ended, but no. Part of the line we had to take downtown was under construction, so we had to get off, take a bus, get on the metro and switch lines one more time before we actually managed to get to our hotel, the Regent Hotel.


Of course by then it was only 5:45, so we couldn’t check in. After leaving our bags there, we went searching for food and, most importantly, coffee. Luckily our hotel was right next to the train station, making it slightly easier to find a good source of food. So after a quick breakfast, around 6:30am, we decided to go for a walk around the nearly abandoned city. The streets were completely empty. We didn’t really know where to go, so we walked around aimlessly, but we managed to hit the most important landmarks anyway. We walked through Marienplatz and even Englisher Garten, before the streets started to fill up.


Tip #1: Go for a walk early in the morning! The empty city looks completely different and it is amazing to see the city wake up.


By 10:30 we were starving! We weighed the options, and stopped at the nearest affordable place for food, then headed back to our hotel, where we could finally check in and took a “short” nap, which ended up being three hours long. The rest of the day we walked around some more and almost got run over by all the bike riders in the city.


The next day we went on the full day Royal Castles Tour. First stop, Linderhof castle. This was King Ludwig II’s residence, built to resemble the Versailles Palace, but much smaller. We toured the interiors and walked around the gardens a little, before getting back on the bus and going to Oberammergau.



Oberammergau is a picturesque DSC_6486-wm little town, with beautifully painted houses and the most interesting history of the Passion Play. This was a very short stop, so we only walked around for a little bit and looked into a couple of the numerous souvenir shops on the main street. The town is full of very skilled wood carvers, so there are shops with all sorts of toys and clocks and other merchandise.


Last stop, Neuschwanstein castle, the most anticipated castle. The bus dropped us off in Hohenschwangau, a small town under the castle. We had four hours to do whatever we wanted. Obviously we wanted to go up to the castle. What we were not prepared for, was the climb up to it, especially in combination with the extreme heat of the day. After what seemed forever, in reality about 25 minutes, we got up to the castle and it was definitely worth the effort. It is just like a fairytale castle! So naturally we had to take lots and lots of pictures from all angles possible. King Ludwig II had huge plans for Neuschwantstein. Lots of towers and spires were on the original blueprint, but Ludwig died before the castle was completed. After his death the state finished building the castle as quickly as possible and opened it to the public, in hopes of getting some money back. For this reason it was never furnished.


Tip #2: If you are going to walk up to Neuschwanstein, bring enough water for the hike up! You will definitely need it, especially in the summer.


DSC_6815-wmOur walk down was much easier and smoother, so by the time we got down the monstrous hill, we still had about an hour to kill. And what better way to kill time than to do an impromptu photo-shoot by the lake Alpsee. Which was, of course, very exhausting, so we both ended up falling asleep on the bus ride back to Munich.


The next day, which was our last, we took a walking tour of Munich. This was a lot of fun, because we got to see a lot more of the city than we did before. I definitely suggest you do this, because the tour guide will take you to places, like the unofficial Michael Jackson memorial, which you wouldn’t normally come across.


Our last stop, before we got on the bus back to Czech Republic, was the Nymphenburg Palace and the gardens. This was a little out of the way, but we had half a day before our bus, and the summer palace seemed like a great stop. We didn’t take the tour of the interior, but we walked around the gardens for a little bit, before heading to the bus stop.


Munich is a small city, but definitely worth visiting. If you ever go, I definitely recommend taking the Royal Castles tour and the walking tour. Hope you have as much fun as I did! :)

Fall in Boston

Bos-AutumnBoston is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the fall. If you time it right. It lasts only about a week there, other than that it is mostly rainy and cold. But that one week is worth a visit, because everything is colorful and magical. That one week is usually mid October. There is a ton to do around Boston in the fall too, since most universities are back in session, there are also a lot of great deals you should take advantage of.


The Boston Common and the Public gardens completely change in the fall. Everything changes from vibrant green to gold and red. Just walking around the parks and even going to the esplanade is relaxing. It also makes a perfect spot to take pictures, or if you’re a filmmaker, like me, a perfect set for a short film.


IMG_0692The Emerald Necklace is perfect for a longer walk or a bike ride. It ends with the Arnold Arboretum, which belongs to Harvard University, located in Jamaica Plain. I have never actually been there myself, but I heard it is beautiful and definitely worth seeing in that one week of October.


Fall also means Halloween. Since Boston is a college city, you can always find parties on Halloween weekend. Or you can go see The Rocky Horror Picture Show, which has a special Halloween event, or they screen the regular version every Saturday night in AMC Boston Common. If you want a calmer Halloween, you can always go trick or treating in different neighborhoods, one of my favorite places to go is Beacon Hill. Lastly, you can also take a day trip to Salem, where they have special events all weekend.


Later in fall, around November 20th, they also convert the Frog Pond in the Common into an ice rink. This really depends on the weather though, sometimes they don’t put it up until December. But it is so much fun and its beautiful ice-skating outside. It does get quite crowded though, with families and other college students, but it’s worth a try.
If you are a college student, then there is one more perk for you: college nights at the Museum of Science and the Museum of Fine Arts. Free entrance to both amazing museums, which you should take advantage of! Museum of Science is a really fun place to go to, with a lot of interactive aspects to the science. For example, there is a whole section devoted to physics on a playground, where you can try out the swings, while learning how they work. Museum of Fine Arts, on the other hand, is just beautiful and enormous. You probably won’t get to walk through it all, so choose your favorite era or style of art and take your time there.


Hopefully you will find the time to visit Boston at least once and that the weather will be nice enough for all these activities.