Canoeing: 10 Tips for your adventure

Canoeing is a very typical Czech activity. Lots of people go on canoeing trips with their friends and family in the summer, because it is a fun and cheap way to enjoy the warm weather and have a little bit of an adventure. I have gone canoeing several times, so here are some of my tips, if any of you want to try it out!

  1. Water!! Bring lots of bottled water! Hopefully it’s going to be warm and sunny, but this means you need to buy bottled water that you can have with you all the time. I also recommend buying bottled water, rather than using sports bottles, because if you flip the canoe, then you won’t be upset you lost your favorite sports bottle!
  2. FOOD! Bring snacks that you can eat throughout the day, you might be canoeing for several hours at a time before hitting a restaurant or a camp, so it’s a good idea to bring something with you so you don’t get super hungry!
  3. Weirs – weirs can be extremely dangerous, so i recommend you look up the ones on your route so you know which ones are too dangerous to go on. Some you will be able to manage if you are careful and if there is enough water. For those, you should look up which side of the weir is safest to go down.IMG_7582
  4. Camps – find out where different camps are and how far you have to canoe between each of them.
  5. Trash bags – buy a bunch of large trash bags that you can put your things in, to add extra protection against water.
  6. Ziplock bags – small ziplock bags are perfect for phones, wallets and other objects you want to protect from water damage.
  7. Shoes – bring shoes that you don’t mind getting wet, but also shoes that won’t just float away if you fall into the water.
  8. Rain jacket – or anything else that you can put on when its starts raining or pouring.
  9. Sunscreen – you will spend lots of time on the sun, if the weather is nice. So sunscreen, hat and/or sunglasses are a must!
  10. Alcohol – be very careful about drinking alcohol when canoeing. Even though it is a little bit of a tradition to drink a little when camping, by the bonfire, but don’t overdo it, so you aren’t hungover for the next leg of the journey. Don’t drink while you are actually canoeing, that can be very dangerous!

I love canoeing, it’s a lot of fun and I definitely recommend it, if you are looking for a small adventure! I can guarantee you will have stories to tell! Have fun and if you have any questions, feel free to comment!


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