South Africa Trips

South Africa is one of my favorite places I have traveled to! That is probably why I have been there six times. Although, that also has to do with the fact that I had family living there. With each visit I saw something new or even went to a new country! Here is what I did each time I was there:

First trip


February 2010, my first trip to South Africa.  It was amazing and beautiful! We saw so many things in that one short week. We stayed in Johannesburg which became a headquarters of sorts, but we also went to the Kruger National Park  and Cape Town. 6 years later and I still can’t believe we managed it all.

Second trip


My second trip to South Africa was in the summer of 2010. This trip was very similar to the first, because I went to all the same places, Kruger Park and Cape Town. I did get to experience a couple of new things though.

Here is a more detailed account of our trip to Cape Town!

Third Trip

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On this trip, we took advantage of being in Africa, and we decided to go to some new places. We always wanted to see the Victoria Falls, so we headed up to Zimbabwe and Zambia, details of that trip to come :)! It was a great adventure, including lots of dead insects in our open hotel room, elephant rides, helicopter rides and sunsets over the river. Back in South Africa we went to some museums and Soweto!

Fourth Trip


This trip was very different from the ones before. In 2012 I went to South Africa with my friends and we tried to make a difference. For the first time, we got to see the real Africa, the small villages, the citizens of which have nothing. The schools in tents and the students that walk four hours to get to those schools, but they are so dedicated, they don’t mind. It was a very different Africa. It was the poor side. The empty side. The type of place where you could drive for hours without meeting anyone at all.

Fifth trip


On my fifth trip to South Africa, I spent barely any time in Johannesburg and in South Africa in general. Mostly we were in Mozambique, again the details of which will come later! We spent a large portion of the week in the car, but the three days in Mozambique were so worth it! We were in the middle of nowhere and that was perfect. For three days we were separated from the world, completely off the grid. It was the best way to de-stress from school and work. It reminded me how great it is to get away from everything sometimes.

Sixth and last trip


The last time I went to South Africa was, yet again, a more relaxing trip. We didn’t feel like we needed to go to new countries or cities, we just needed to relax and warm up, especially in the midst of the worst, record-breaking winter in Boston.

South Africa is an amazing place to visit! I recommend it to anyone. Some people are afraid to go there, because it is not safe. You have to be careful in South Africa, there are definitely times when you feel uncomfortable and you do get worried. You have to use common sense, don’t go to places where you don’t feel safe. South Africa is beautiful and it is definitely worth visiting! I have been there six times and I would still go back and there would still be hundreds of things for me to see!

For more photos visit our photo gallery here!

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