South Africa Part 5

DSC_1815On my fifth trip to South Africa, I spent barely any time in Johannesburg and in South Africa in general. Mostly we were in Mozambique, again the details of which will come later! We spent a large portion of the week in the car, but the three days in Mozambique were so worth it! We were in the middle of nowhere and that was perfect. For three days we were separated from the world, completely off the grid. It was the best way to de-stress from school and work. It reminded me how great it is to get away from everything sometimes.

If you are renting a car, which you need to, rent a big and durable car. You don’t know what kind of roads you will take and you don’t want to get stuck somewhere!

It is important to mention, again, that for a trip across South Africa, planning is very important. You should know where you are going, because getting lost a) is not fun and b) isn’t really safe. You never know where you can accidentally end up, so planning well is just safer in general. Another tip, plan a backup route. Even though the backup route is more important for Mozambique, you never know what roads might be flooded or closed or if a cows will block your path. Bring your GPS, but don’t rely on it too much. It is always better to actually know where you are going and some roads don’t even show up as actual roads on a GPS.


Also, when crossing borders, plan for spending a lot of time and prepare your nerves for complicated discussions with the border control if you are getting tourist visa into Mozambique. Be prepared for the fact that they either barely speak any english or they don’t speak it at all.

When we got back to South Africa, we were so exhausted from our relaxing trip to Mozambique, to the point where none of us actually wanted to do anything. The last couple of days we spent relaxing. The only new place we visited was Sandton City Shopping Centre, which is a huge mall, great for clothes, shoes, jewelry and they have great places for brunch!


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