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South Africa Part 2

My second trip to South Africa was in the summer of 2010. This trip was very similar to the first, because I went to all the same places, Kruger Park and Cape Town. I did get to experience a couple of new things though.

In Cape Town I went to Robben Island, the prison that was used during the Apartheid. Robben island was originally used as a place for Lepers, it isolated the sick from the populated city. So one of the places we saw was the graveyard specifically used during the epidemic. We also saw the prison that was used during the Apartheid. The tour guide used to be a prisoner on Robben Island, so he gave great insight into the recent history of the island, where Nelson Mandela spent 27 years.SA6

In Cape Town we also took advantage of the sunny, cloudless skies and we went up to the top of Table Mountain. We were amazed at the beautiful view from the top. The city spanned below us and we could see all the way from the small township on the outskirts of the city to the rich parts and even the soccer stadium where FIFA was hosted.

_DSC1284 4

While we were in Cape Town, we also rented a car so that we could go see sights that were slightly more removed. On our way to the Cape of Good Hope we got slightly lost. Instead of getting on the highway that would lead us to the Cape, we drove along the coast, with the ocean on one side and a township on the other. Getting lost actually worked in our favor, because we got to see more of the city and the towns surrounding it. As we drove through the different towns we noticed that they were very Dutch, still maintaining the look the first Dutch settlers brought with them in the 17th century._DSC1742

The Cape of Good Hope is one of those places that is a must see. Definitely go up to the lighthouse, from there you will be able to see the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean meet. From the lighthouse you can clearly see the difference between the two oceans, because of the temperature of the water. And, of course, it is a great place to take pictures! 🙂

Another trip we took was to some of the wineries in the area, Klein Constatia and Groot Constatia. Both were great and both were just gorgeous. Whether or not you like wine, this makes a great trip, trust me, I was too young to drink when I went! South African wine is delicious, so I definitely recommend going to the wineries!

Read even more about Cape Town here!

Kruger National Park was a very different experience this time around. It was the dry season, which mean fires. Every year, fires take over the Kruger National Park and a large percentage of the land is burned, destroying the natural habitat of thousands of native animals. It was a huge difference to the never ending sea of green that I saw just a few months earlier.


Kruger Park concluded my trip this time and it was a great way to end it. That was the last time I went to Kruger Park, but I went to so many other interesting places the next time I visited, so come back for more stories from South Africa!


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