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Peter Pan and Greyhound Review

IIMG_6792 went to New York for the weekend. Which meant spending a total of 9 hours on a bus, leaving from South Station in Boston, headed for Port Authority in New York. On the way there I went with a Peter Pan bus and on the way back I went with Greyhound. Peter Pan and Greyhound are interchangeable, because the same company owns them, so you never know which bus you will take. However, there are a couple of differences. I personally prefer the Greyhound buses and here’s why:


The Peter Pan bus was slightly older and grimier. It wasn’t too bad, but there did seem to be a lot of gum stuck everywhere. However, the WIFI worked just fine, so I shouldn’t really complain, because WIFI is very important on such long trips. We didn’t stop at all on our way down, except for a short stop in Hartford to switch drivers. So we didn’t get a break to get up and stretch, but I didn’t mind, at least we didn’t waste any time. We got to New York with only the slightest delay, caused by traffic right outside of the city. In general Peter Pan is cheap and efficient, the quality is ok. It’s not the best, but not the worst.


Greyhound was better. Their buses seem a little bigger, so their seats are wider and more comfortable. The driver was very nice and helpful. At the beginning of the journey he gave us information about the length of the trip, the WIFI and other info we might need. Half way through the drive, we stopped for about 15 minutes at a rest stop where we could go to Burger King or McDonald’s. After that we continued on the trip to Boston. There were a couple of bad things about this particular journey. First, the bus eventually started smelling like pee. This was masked by the smell of burgers after our stop, but the smell came back, even stronger. Second, the individual lights above the seats didn’t work. So when it got dark in the evening, there was not much I could do for the rest of the trip.


Overall I like traveling with Peter Pan/Greyhound. They are cheap and they get you wherever you need. The quality may not be great, but it is what you would expect for the price.

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