Mt. Rokko

Mt. Rokko was another fun trip, one that I definitely suggest you do on a sunny day! When I went, I experienced all sorts of weather, everything from sunny with clear blue skies, to rain, to snow. If you go in the spring, definitely be ready for colder air on top and sudden changes in weather. You can either drive up there, take a cable car or public transportation.


When you get to the top of the mountain, you can see all of Kobe and Osaka under you. It is absolutely amazing! Hopefully the air will be clear enough so you can see how far the two cities span, because only from the top can you see how huge the area is.

There are several things you should stop by and see when you are up on Mt. Rokko. First, there is a Music Box Museum. There you can see music boxes of all shapes and sizes and even buy one or make your own. You can also sit down in their cafe and if it is warm enough outside, you can take your coffee out by the lake.

Another stop you can make is the Botanical Garden. Sadly, I couldn’t go there because it was closed. But I heard it is amazing, so I recommend you visit, and let me know how it is :)

IMG_8172The last stop we made was by the observatory. It’s at the top of the mountain with the most stunning view. There even is a small tower you can climb to get the best view. There is also a little gift shop, selling lots of different Japanese sweets! An added plus of stopping by the observatory is the food. You can either go for the buffet or the Japanese BBQ (Yakiniku). We went for the Yakiniku, because it is absolutely delicious (and gluten-free)!


From the observatory, Arima Onsen, a hot springs town, is about 3 km, so I suggest stopping by there after Mt. Rokko, because it is an adorable little town!

If you are in Osaka/Kobe, Mt. Rokko is definitely worth the trip, whether you drive or take the cable car!




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