British Airways and long flights

When I was booking my November flight to San Francisco, I had several options and routes to take. Having been very happy with British Airways in the past, I decided that I’d go for the Prague-London-San Fran route. A quick flight to London and then an eleven-hour flight to my final destination. Yay. I’m no stranger to long flights, so I decided to go for it, remembering the brand new British Airways Airbus that I flew with from Johannesburg a couple years ago.


British has a fairly straightforward pre-flight policy. You can get reminder e-mails and text messages, which I definitely went for, as life can get a little hectic so it’s good to have that little reminder 24 hours prior. I got to pick my seat and things were pretty good.


I had a three hour layover in Heathrow, which is a little bit longer than I would’ve liked, but everything at Heathrow was smooth, I got food (my favorite Pret-a-Porter that I always get whenever I’m in London), coffee (Starbucks, obviously) and had plenty of time to hang out. I didn’t really feel like shopping, so I opted for searching for an outlet to charge my phone and iPad. Now, considering how many signs alerting travellers to the need to have your devices charge, else they may not be allowed on the flight, they do not have enough outlets. I had to wait patiently and then run to one when I saw someone leaving. On the other hand, there’s free wi-fi. So you win some, you lose some.

Boarding and connection information was well displayed and carried out and I was soon happy to be on flight number two.


Considering the length of the flight, it was rather smooth, with a few bumps along the way, but nothing major. Honestly, the only, but big, let down was that I had always flown on brand new planes when flying with British, so my expectations were set pretty high. And as soon as I got on the plane, I was disappointed. The plane looked older than I am, which had me a little worried, but everything went fine and there were no problems along the way.


The food was not that memorable, but I was pleasantly surprised that even though I was sitting towards the back of the plane, I still got my choice, but there’s really nothing of significance to report here.

In-flight entertainment

Let me just say, I didn’t even know what to pick. There were so many options that I decided to avoid napping altogether and instead just watch movies and tv shows. That’s what flights are for, right? So, the 11 or so hours passed by pretty quickly.

TIP: This tip is for flying in general, check out when selecting your seats, they have helpful info based on your flight! :)

What are your experiences with British? Let us know in the comments :)



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