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Bars in Prague

Over the past few years we have gone to several bars around Prague, but before recommending any, we went back to test out our favorites over the weekend. Here are the bars we visited and what we thought about them.


Popocafepetl or just Popo

This is a student bar right by Old Town Square, which makes it a great location to start off your night. What makes it even better are the prices of the drinks. You can get 3 vodka Redbull for less than 150kc ($6.50), but be warned, there will be much more vodka than Redbull. You can also get a rum and coke for only 65kc ($2.70)! The service there was ok, it’s kind of what you would expect of a full bar. People were crowding the bar, so trying to get the bartender’s attention was a little difficult, especially when she seemed taken by the blond guy with blue eyes, who can blame her though :P. Another thing I noticed about Popo, was that everyone seemed to know each other. It is a student bar, so chances are that everyone goes to the same school, just make sure you have your own friends to keep you company. Lastly, depending on what time you get there, you may or may not get seats. We were lucky enough to find a small space at the bar, where we could stand while enjoying our drinks. Also, there is no coat check, so don’t bring too many things, because you will have to hold on to them all night. Popo is definitely a good place to start the night, mostly because of the cheap drinks 🙂


IMG_1633Harley’s Bar

This is personally my favorite bar in Prague! I love the music and the drinks and I never had an issue with the service. When you get there early you can sit down at the bar or one of the tables. But if you get there around 11pm you won’t be able to find a seat. The drinks are really good, but a little more expensive, around 150kc for a Tequila Sunrise, but boy are they worth it! After grabbing a drink you can join the crowd on the rather small dance floor and sing and dance to our favorite Harley’s anthem, Highway to Hell! After a couple more drinks you might even find the courage to join some of the people dancing on the tables. On some nights they have a special program or some theme. On other nights the bartenders have a fire show, which is really awesome to watch!



Next we went to Tretter’s, which slightly more high end, and by slightly, I mean if there was a place to bump into celebrities in Prague, it would be this bar. The prices, unfortunately reflect that, costing you about 220kc for a Margarita, which is still only around $9, but it is much more than the other bars we visited. The service is really nice and it is definitely one of those places where you tip, so keep that in mind. Sadly, we did not see any celebrities this time, but it was still a nice stop and a great place to sit down and rest our feet.


Karlovy Lazne

Lazne is one of those places everyone has been to. IMG_0058Everyone knows of it, because it is the biggest club in central Europe. It has five floors, each playing a different type of music, which means you can always find something you like. They also have an Ice Pub, which I visited for the first time this weekend. You pay 200kc ($.8.30) as a cover charge when you get to Lazne, and then 150kc ($6.25) to go into the Ice Pub (one drink is included in that price). I definitely recommend going into the Ice Pub, where you put on one of their ponchos and a pair of gloves and enjoy the icy room, that even has a throne you can sit on and take pictures. The best part of Lazne is that it closes at 5am and it is right next to the Charles Bridge. So I suggest leaving the bar in time to see the sunrise over Prague. The view is definitely worth it and it is the perfect way to end the night!


Other great places to go drink in Prague include TGIF, Nebe (especially for Happy Hour), Hard Rock Cafe and Bombay! Have a great night out!



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