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    London Video Tour

    In September we went to London for the weekend. We managed to do quite a lot in three days and walked through many of the touristy places. It was fun, even though our feet were in lots and lots of pain by the end of the trip. Here’s a short video of just a few of the places we managed to see. To find out more about what we did, read our London article and here are some more photos!

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    Three days in London

    About a month ago we went to London for a weekend. And because we like to keep ourselves busy, we came up with an insane plane for the three days there. We brought our aunt, who has never been there, so naturally, we had to plan on doing all sorts of touristy things that we haven’t done in years. This was actually quite amazing because we haven’t seen some of these places in forever since we’ve avoided these “tourist traps”.   We flew in early Saturday morning, which meant the whole day was free and we took complete advantage of it. After taking the bus from Stansted airport to Victoria…

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    11 Amazing, Free ways to Experience Prague

    Prague is a city filled with history. Just walking through the city you can see and feel the past all around you. There are many things you can do and see for free and still get some of the best experiences in the city. 1. Walk the Royal Route The Royal Route is a must! It will take you by the most important historical sights in Prague. Start at the end of the route (the Prague Castle) and work your way to its beginning at Prašná Brána (Powder Tower). This way you start at the top of the hill and walk down, rather than constantly up. Come back to read…

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    6 Reasons Why you should Road Trip

    Everything right now is about doing things faster, sometimes this includes travel. Everybody tries to find the fastest ways to get to a place and that can mean that you miss out on great experiences! Here is why you should talk the extra hours and drive to your destinations if it is at all possible: Things to see and things to do! When you fly, you only see your destination. If you drive to your destination, you can stop in different places and see so many other sights. If you drive through the US, you can see multiple landmarks, instead of just the one you are heading towards. If you drive…

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    Brunch and dinner: California and more

    During our time in Los Angeles we looked for good places to eat, obviously. We eventually found our favorites and kept returning to these places. Soon they knew who we were, which just made it heartbreaking when we came for the last time. Here are our favorite places to eat in the different places we visited: Los Angeles Wood and Vine – great for tapas and drinks right on Hollywood Boulevard Mel’s Drive-In – 50’s style diner with amazing milkshakes and late night menu! Karl Strauss Brewing Company – really good share plates (try the chicken wings, carnitas chilaquiles or the Brussels sprouts) The Saddle Ranch – steakhouse, with huge meals…