9 Tips for Train Travel in the Summer


train 1Everyone loves travelling by train. It’s easy, cheap and you don’t need a designated driver. Here are a couple of tips to make your travels even better, whether you travel alone or with your friends.

  1. DRINKS! – Always have enough drinks with you! You never know when the train will stop in the middle of nowhere, s o you have to hydrate the whole time.
  1. Entertainment – Whether your side is short or several hours long, make sure you bring magazines, a book or anything else that will make your journey more fun and distract you from the blistering heat.
  1. Get a seat! – Some train companies charge extra for a designated seat. Pay the extra money! Its more relaxing and at least you won’t have to keep moving out of people’s way when they walk down the aisle. Standing for the duration of a five hour journey isn’t fun either.
  1. Book early – If you will buy a seat, book early! Especially when travelling in groups, you don’t want to get separated.
  1. Try to sit far from families with little kids – The kids WILL have energy and WILL make it obvious to the whole train, so if you can, stay away from them and their inevitable sticky fingers.
  1. Noise Canceling Headphones – If you fear the families, bring noise canceling headphones. They won’t change the sticky fingers, but your music will drone out their high-pitched screams.
  1. Plan well, but be flexible – Know what time you will arrive, but know that thatrain3t could easily change. So be flexible with your plans and try not to get too frustrated when they change.
  1. Sit in the right direction – If you get motion sickness, don’t ravel backwards. If your bought seat is in the wrong direction, ask someone to change, it will save you a very uncomfortable ride.
  1. Air conditioning – Seems obvious, but pick a train company that has the AC.

Do you travel by train a lot? Do you use any of these tricks or are you planning to try them out? Let us know in the comments!


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