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    5 things I never leave at home

    I am usually the person who has everything in their purse – need contact solution? check. Nailpolish? Check. Tissues? Pens of various colors? Extra 50 hair ties? Check, check and check. I’m the person who goes away for a weekend with a suitcase (bigger than those tiny carry-on little things), a giant purse and possibly a laptop bag (due to the large amount of things I have in my purse, the laptop sometimes doesn’t fit). And if I’m flying on a long haul flight, add a travel pillow and refillable water bottle. But what are the five items it all boils down to that I can’t live without? Important documents…

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    British Airways and long flights

    When I was booking my November flight to San Francisco, I had several options and routes to take. Having been very happy with British Airways in the past, I decided that I’d go for the Prague-London-San Fran route. A quick flight to London and then an eleven-hour flight to my final destination. Yay. I’m no stranger to long flights, so I decided to go for it, remembering the brand new British Airways Airbus that I flew with from Johannesburg a couple years ago. Pre-Flight British has a fairly straightforward pre-flight policy. You can get reminder e-mails and text messages, which I definitely went for, as life can get a little…

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    Airports: the Best and the Worst

    I have been to many, many different airports while traveling. Some are very efficient and easy to get around, and some not so much. Here are some of the airports that I have traveled through and my experiences. JFK – Good Generally I have had good experiences at JFK. It is a huge airport, so sometimes getting from point A to point B can take time, but I think it is pretty efficiently laid out. Of course if it is the first airport you land at when you enter the US, you have to go through customs, before re-checking your luggage and continuing on your journey. They don’t have the…